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    Is GeoFort open?

    Yes GeoFort is open on weekends and during school holidays.

    Is the museum easy to understand for English-speaking visitors?

    At GeoFort we have an English map available with a brief explanation of the exhibits. Various exhibits are also provided with a short English explanation. A lot of games can also be played without an English explanation.

    Do I need to make a reservation for the GeoExperience?

    It is not possible to make a reservation for the museum, you can only buy tickets directly via the website. Do you already have an entrance ticket, such as a ticket via the ANWB, or do you have a Museum card? Then you can visit the museum directly. Discount vouchers can be redeemed at the entrance box office.

    I have reserved a time slot, but I will be a little late.

    That is not a problem. Your ticket is still valid at a later time slot.

    Is the restaurant WereldPan open?

    Yes, the restaurant is open from 11 am till 8 pm.

    Are you wheelchair accessible?

    For visitors who depend on a wheelchair, we have a reduced entrance fee of €3.50, because the site is not fully accessible with a wheelchair.
    A small part of the GeoExperience inside (5 attractions) is reasonably accessible. There are thresholds, the paving is not flat everywhere and the passages are narrow. The upper floor of the barracks, where the meeting rooms are located, is only accessible by stairs. The terrain outside is often hilly and/or uneven, making outdoor activities difficult to access. Restaurant de Wereldpan is easily accessible for wheelchairs and equipped with appropriate sanitary facilities.

    Are dogs allowed at the GeoFort?

    Dogs are allowed on the terrace and outside on a leash, but not inside. Please clean up any possible excrement of your dog yourself.