About GeoFort

GeoFort is an interactive science centre with a focus on the future of planet earth. It is located in an exciting fortress in the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie (New Holland Waterline) where you can experience and discover all kinds of things inside and outside. Visitors will experience worldly themes in the GeoExperience, the ‘intelligent’ maze and the bat treasure garden. Important themes are energy transition, climate change, water management and big data.

GeoFort has won many prizes, such as the Europa Nostra Prize and the title of ‘the best children’s museum in the world’. The historic fortress island is part of the Waterline and is a Unesco World Heritage Site with approximately 100,000 visitors per year.

On the fortress island you will also find pancake restaurant ‘De WereldPan’ with a lovely terrace. GeoFort is also a wonderful location for family parties, children’s parties, weddings, meetings, company outings and team building.

The future of planet Earth?

At GeoFort you experience worldly themes in a challenging way. Big data is needed to understand global warming. Digital maps show scenarios of rising sea levels. A journey to the deepest depths of the earth shows the potential of thermal energy as a sustainable source of energy.

The fortress

At first glance, the 3.5-hectare large fortress island is a strongly undulating grass landscape. The tall trees, the views across the Betuwe and the grazing by a herd of sheep make for idyllic scenes. Appearances are deceiving… because the fort used to have a completely different function! View the rich history of GeoFort here.

New Holland Waterline

GeoFort (Fort near Nieuwe Steeg) is part of the New Holland Waterline. The line runs roughly from Pampus to beyond Slot Loevestein and was devised to protect the rich west from the enemy from the east. By flooding pieces of land up to knee height, the enemy was hindered from attacking the Netherlands by boat (too shallow) or on foot.