About GeoFort

GeoFort is an educational attraction on an exciting fort in the New Dutch Waterline in the field of cartography and navigation. On GeoFort the visitor will meet old and new geotechniques in the GeoExperience, the ‘intelligent’ maze and Bat Trail Garden. Also on GeoFort is a restaurant, the 3D Cafe and several meeting rooms.

What is Geo?

With geo-information we mean information about locations on earth. Where are traffic jams? Where is the nearest ATM? Where is the best place to build a skyscraper? As a citizen service number is about people, geo-information is about places or locations. These could include buildings or nature, but also roads or people. ‘Geo’ is an abbreviation of the word ‘geographic’ or ‘spatial’. In short: X, Y and Z. All digital maps are created with these data. And whether you work in construction, at a service center, in a hospital or in agriculture: almost everyone uses it. Geo-information is about everything around us!

With modern equipment geo-specialists measure the X, Y and Z coordinates of roads, buildings, rivers, cadastral parcels. All this information is stored and processed. They often associate the coordinates directly to administrative data on the measured spot (Geo Information System: GIS).

The fortress

GeoFort is located in Fort bij de Nieuwe Steeg, owned by Staatsbosbeheer, the Dutch forestry commission. The historic fort complex is an intriguing combination of bygone buildings and exciting outdoor areas. Its central position within the Netherlands, its geopolitical associations and the multifaceted character of the fort provide ample opportunity for exciting and fun activities which present to the world outside the country’s rich geo-past, as well as the impressive geo-innovations of today.


About the New Dutch Waterline


The Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie (New Dutch Waterline) was a military line of defence. The line was established as a protective ring approximately 85 km long and 3–5 km wide around the Dutch cities of Muiden, Utrecht, Vreeswijk and Gorinchem. It was the main Dutch defence line from 1815 till 1940.

The Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie’s primary element of defence was water. Land was intentionally flooded (inundated) during times of war to obstruct the enemy. A layer of water of only 40 cm deep, was enough to make the land difficult to pass for soldiers, vehicles and horses. At the same time, it was not deep enough to navigate by ship. By 1870, the waterline could be inundated within three weeks thanks to an ingenious system of sluices, dikes and flood canals.

Weak points along the natural defence line were strengthened with forts, bunkers and communal bunkers. In addition, the line included five fortified cities: Muiden, Weesp, Naarden, Gorinchem and Woudrichem.

Although the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie never had a chance to prove its worth as a line of defence, it was brought into a state of emergency three times. First in 1870, when the Franco–Prussian War threatened to turn into a European war. Second, during the First World War, and finally in 1939 when the Second World War broke out.

Sponsors and partners

GeoFort is an ideal platform for effective communication between the public, education and the various stakeholders in the geo-area. For the (further) development of GeoFort we depend on the financial support of sponsors and partners. With this sponsorship realizes GeoFort promotion for the sector in the form of innovative exhibitions, educational projects and publicity.

Below are the sponsors and project partners of GeoFort, both organizations from the geo-sector as well as funds and other parties with a financial contribution to the (further) development of GeoFort.

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GeoFort is founded by two enthusiastic initiators, Willemijn Simon van Leeuwen (b. 1971) and Bart Bennis (b. 1966), whose X-factor is a passion for everything x, y and z. They have been working on their plan since September 2005.

Together with Bart and Willemijn, several employees actively work in the realization of GeoFort and developing and guiding the activities. The GeoFort Foundation has a skilled and highly motivated Supervisory Board, Advisory Board and Committee of Recommendation.