About planet earth

This exciting fortress island has been transformed into an educational attraction where everything revolves around the future of the earth. The themes of climate, energy and water are central. Step deep into the earth in an elevator, get lost in the climate maze or build the tallest tower that can withstand an earthquake.

During the summer holidays, GeoFort is open every day from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM.




Summer holiday at GeoFort

This summer there is a lot to discover and do on our adventurous fortress island, both inside and outside. Even in warm weather it is great to stay in the cool bunkers and under the many trees. Be surprised by the new activities at GeoFort, such as the Minecraft Climate Game, Walvi de Whale, a barefoot path and a floating island in the canal!

Check out our vacancies

Do you want to work on a unique fortress island in a natural environment? We have several vacancies to fill. You can work for us as a freelancer or in temporary employment. Apply directly by sending an email to vacature@geofort.nl or view more information here.

Do you feel at home in the kitchen? We are looking for experienced and inexperienced cooks/kitchen assistants.

Discover the GeoExperience

Dive into the future of planet earth. Experiment with traditional and modern geo-technologies as you stroll across the historic fortress island and discover the bunkers and casemates.Dive into the future of planet Earth and experiment. Do the ‘Climate race’ and see what choices you have to buy clothes, deal with waste wisely or not waste food. Choose at the ‘Green screen’ in which future you want to live. Generate energy for your own home on the exercise bike.

What to do

About GeoFort

GeoFort is an educational theme park on an exciting fort in the historical New Dutch Waterline. At GeoFort you can still see a part of the Dutch history, but you’ll also experience the future of our planet. In the science center you discover themes as climate, nature and technoloy.

Visitor information

GeoFort is open every weekend and during most of the Dutch holidays from 11.00 – 17.30 hours (from April till October we open at 10:00). It is located in the center of the Netherlands, south of Utrecht.

Address: Nieuwe Steeg 74, 4171KG Herwijnen, NL