About planet earth

Visit the exciting fortress island where everything revolves around the (future of) the planet earth. Travel back in time with the 4D Globe, take the elevator 6000 km inside the earth, join the Minecraft workshops and many more!

Due to the COVID measures, GeoFort is completely closed for visitors.

GeoFort, interactieve zandbak, Geoexperience, kinderen, familie, museum, kindermuseum

About GeoFort

GeoFort is an educational theme park on an exciting fort in the historical New Dutch Waterline. At GeoFort you can still see a part of the Dutch history, but you’ll also experience the future of our planet. In the science center you discover themes as big data, geo-design and climate.

Visitor information

GeoFort is open every weekend and during most of the Dutch holidays from 11.00 – 17.30 hours (from April till October we open at 10:00). It is located in the center of the Netherlands, south of Utrecht.

Address: Nieuwe Steeg 74, 4171KG Herwijnen, NL

GeoFort, Eye in the sky, Geoexperience, kinderen, familie, museum, kindermuseum


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