What to do

‘Geo’ connects our everyday life in numerous ways. Experience where and how at GeoFort! Visit the exciting fort location and explore the world of X, Y, Z.

Come to the exciting fortress island where everything is dedicated to maps and navigation. You challenge the experiment with various geo-techniques. You get disoriented in the dark underground corridor. You will be challenged in the smart maze and becomes fascinated by maps in the barracks. Children can delve into the Bat Trail Garden of Staatsbosbeheer. After a day at GeoFort you know how salmons find their way, why the north pole shifts, how an iPhone knows where you are, how maps can lie and much more. Expand your horizons at GeoFort!

Download the plan of GeoFort.

GeoExperience rooms

In the different GeoExperience rooms you can explore various components within the theme cartography and navigation.

The GeoExperience is partly inside and partly outside. The rooms in the former barracks currently arranged as state-of-the-art exhibits.

GeoExperience outside

The fortress island offers with the challenging terrain a challenging experience!
Outside are various routes through the intelligent maze, the disorientation tunnel, but also different quests (only available in Dutch).


Tracking and play on an exciting fort. That is the key to GeoFort! There are a number of different quests. Depending on your age you start looking at pictures on the fort, you need to find the correct coordinates and do the quiz or spot clues and navigate using the handGPS the Geocache. Something for everyone!

Smartphone games

Navigation and technology, on your smartphone it is used quite often! On GeoFort there are several smartphone games and tours that you perform using your smartphone.


At GeoFort you can play at weekends and during school Minecraft.
You will be familiarized with Minecraft or you’ll be just helped to go one step further.

Regular competitions are held as well and we will soon start the project MinecraftNL.
Read on this page all about Minecraft at GeoFort.

Bat Trail Garden

Follow the route that tells the story of the bat: where they sleep, how they mate, how they navigate and how they hunt. Fly away!

Bat Research Garden: from 3 years.
Quest: from 6 years.

3D Cafe

Enjoy a drink with delicious homemade cakes, a real local lunch or craft drink in the 3D Cafe. Relax in the sun on the spacious and comfortable terrace with direct views of the Bat Trail garden.


GeoFort is the ideal location for a (family) meeting! The children enjoy themselves in the GeoExperience and the adults can enjoy a lunch, high tea, drinks or BBQ! Please contact us to discuss the different possibilities.