Discover GeoFort

‘Geo’ connects our everyday life in numerous ways. Experience where and how at GeoFort. Discover the exciting fort / children’s museum GeoFort and explore the world of X, Y, Z.

At GeoFort everything revolves around the earth. Learn more about themes as climate, geo-design and big data. Experience how geo-techniques play an imported part in our daily life. The exciting fortress island is fun ánd challenging for young and old. Get disoriented in the dark underground corridor. Find your way out of the maze and build your own volcano in the interactive sandbox. Kids can enjoy themselves on the Bat playground while parents enjoy the surroundings and something to drink on our terrace.

Discover GeoFort.. and at the end of the day you’ll know how salmons find their way, why the north pole shifts, how an iPhone knows where you are, why maps fool us and much more. Expand your horizons at GeoFort!

Download the map of GeoFort with all the exhibits.

GeoExperience (inside & outside)

The GeoExperience is partly inside and partly outside. A visit to GeoFort takes around 4 hours and is fun for kids (6+) as well as parents.

In the different GeoExperience rooms you can explore various components within the theme cartography and navigation. Experience the force of an earthquake with Earthquake Shake, make your own compass and discover how the earth has changed throughout time with the 4D globe.

GeoFort is situated at a fortress island. The fortress on itself is already one big playground! Outside you will also find an intelligent maze, a ferry to small NL in the canal and different quests and scavenger hunts (only available in Dutch). There are also several smartphone games and tours that you can do using your smartphone.


It’s Minecraft year at GeoFort! Every weekend and during the holidays you can play Minecraft at GeoFort. Don’t know how to play the game? No worries: it will be explained to you.

We have different quests in the populair game for you to do. Most of the quests take place at the virtual fortress in Minecraft. Are you ready to accept the secret mission?

Regular competitions are held as well during the year. Read on this page all about Minecraft at GeoFort.

Bat Playground

Follow the route that tells the story of the bat: where they sleep, how they mate, how they navigate and how they hunt. Fly away!

Bat Research Garden: from 3 years.
Quest: from 6 years.

There’s also a water playground, a do-it-yourself maze and sandbox where you can test how far you can jump. Can you jump as far as a deer or a cheetah?

The playground is near the terrace of the 3D café. So while parents enjoy the view and a cold drink, kids can go wild at the playground!

3D Cafe

Come visit the 3D cafe. Enjoy a drink with delicious homemade cakes, a real local lunch, dinner or a high tea. For kids there is also enough to choose from: pancakes, fries with a snack or a real ‘Fortdog’! There is also a special placemat for the kids to play with. There are plenty of high chairs and there is a changing place.

Allergies? We have included allergen icons on our menu. Even if you follow a specific diet, you can eat at GeoFort. Let our staff know.

Sunny weather? Take a seat on the spacious terrace and enjoy the beautiful view on the landscape as well as on the Bat playground.

Something to celebrate?

GeoFort is the ideal location for a (family) meeting, celebration or birthday party! The children enjoy themselves in the GeoExperience and the adults can enjoy a lunch, high tea, drinks or BBQ!

It’s also possible to rent a space in the fort for your celebration or meeting or book an activity for the whole family like flying a drone or doing the historical tour over the fortress island with a guide.

Please contact us to discuss the different possibilities.