Create a square of 4 balls in your own color on one of the 6 sides of the cube.


Remove all the balls from the cube. Each player chooses a color. The color that remains is the neutral color.

Choose who gets to start. The opponent then places 9 neutral balls in the cube. Then the starting player places one of his balls in the cube.

A ball may only be placed on the edge of the cube.

Instead of putting a new ball in the cube you can also push a ball through, on the other side a ball will fall out, you must put this ball back on the spot where you pushed the balls in.

When you run out of balls, you can only change the order of the balls.

You can form a square in 3 different ways, the first player to form a square with 4 balls of his color is the winner. If a square in the opponent’s color appears at the same time, the opponent wins.


The rules of the game are the same as with two players, but now there is still a neutral color.